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THE AI Music brain™ is powered by 3 key technologies

Designed to automate your content ingestion and song classification, improve search and recommendation and maximise the value of your music catalogue.




The driving force behind our A.I. Music Brain™ is the automagical song categorisation system - Muru can classify digital songs with the correct genre in seconds, giving your catalogue consistency and your team and clients easy access to all music.

MuRU’s DJ FormulA


Emerging from the main skills of a DJ; track selection and timing, our DJ Formula understands context, handpicking your music for you. Whether you’re driving, working out, having a dinner party or trying to get your zen on, our DJ Formula creates a 1-click hyper personalised experience, that allows you to effortlessly jump between styles, artists and genres, ensuring that the “vibe” will always be right for you and those around you.

Futuristic Genre Map


Historically, music labels, retailers, journalist and curators have categorised songs on a whim, without logic or consistency, creating thousands of genre names that your users don’t understand. We've created a simplified genre taxonomy for the music industry, to make it incredibly user friendly while making the song selection hyper personalised and connected. Musicology + DJ = Genre Map 3.0


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